How to create an offshore company

To create a company you can do it either from your country of origin through a firm specializing in the creation of an offshore company, or outside your home country, by going directly to you. Offshoring makes it possible to take advantage of international conventions to reduce the various implementation costs and to take advantage of low operating costs (tax exemption, zero-rating, cheap labor, etc.).

The steps of an offshore company creation

The creation of an offshore company can be complicated, especially with all the administrative and legal procedures to implement for its implementation. In fact, each country has its own jurisdiction over offshore companies, and it is sometimes necessary to be present on site to present the various elements necessary for the creation of the offshore company to the local authorities of the country.

Thus, to facilitate this process of setting up offshore companies, specialized firms exist and offer their services for procedural steps. It is indeed advisable to call on professionals for help setting up offshore companies. Indeed, specialized lawyers or notaries offices can assist you turnkey more easily to the creation of your offshore company, in particular, to facilitate the administrative procedures in the countries of implantation.

Thanks to these firms (tax specialists, lawyers, consultants) specializing in the creation of offshore companies, it is now easy to create your own offshore company, without even leaving your country of origin, where firms have their own antenna in the destination country of your offshore company.

These firms are there to help you, even to realize for you, all the steps of the creation of an offshore company like:

  • The constitution of the file of the offshore company according to the chosen jurisdiction (the statutes of the company, the procedures of governance, the CVs of the leaders …),
  • The presentation of the constituent elements of the file to the competent authorities of the country of an establishment according to the chosen jurisdiction,
  • The registration of your offshore company with the Trade and Companies Register or the appropriate authority of the country of establishment,
  • The opening of offshore bank accounts in the country of establishment,
  • The tax return of the offshore company from its country of origin if applicable.

You can find firms specializing in the creation of offshore companies on the Internet by doing a simple search on a classic search engine.

Advice is also available on most portals for information on offshore companies before embarking definitively. This advice will allow you to identify the advantages and disadvantages of each offshore jurisdiction in order to orient you to the countries appropriate to your business and to choose the best firm specialized in the creation of the offshore company.

The principle of an offshore company

An offshore company is a company registered in another country offering favorable or non-existent taxation, as long as the main activity is not exercised in the territory of registration. In order to attract foreign investors, countries do not hesitate to offer foreign companies facilities (low registration tax, tax exemption for imports and exports, or other tax benefits) and in exchange, these companies contribute money. labor (although the workforce is generally low cost), technology and thus benefits both countries.

There are, in fact, international conventions that govern the creation of offshore companies and that respect a number of specific legal principles that investors must master before creating their own offshore company.

The costs of setting up an offshore company

Offshore company creation costs vary from country to country, but in general, there are mandatory and recurring administrative costs that the company has to pay in the offshore jurisdiction. In addition to these administrative costs of setting up and operating, entrepreneurs can also pay costs on advice and support for the creation of their offshore company.

In general, the costs of setting up the offshore company can vary between 300 to 3000 euros.

Offshore company Madagascar

Offshore company structures allow its shareholders to make profitable investments, especially in reducing taxes. The ideal solution is to implant the company in a country where the tax jurisdiction is favorable. One of the leading destinations for the establishment of offshore companies is in Madagascar.

Madagascar an offshore country

Madagascar is an island in the Indian Ocean, with its 590,000 km² is the fourth largest island in the world. With its unique natural, human and mining resources, Madagascar presents many opportunities, mainly economic ones.

In Madagascar, the population officially speaks Malagasy and French. The destination Madagascar is one of the French-speaking offshore destinations of reference, with only one to two hours of the time difference with France.

The advantages of Madagascar

Madagascar promotes free trade and with its Free Zone policy, the Malagasy authorities advocate for foreign investment. It is true that Madagascar is still a very young country on the international market for offshoring but it should be noted that Madagascar offers tax benefits for the holders of outsourcing projects.

In terms of technological infrastructure and communication, Madagascar has the necessary to connect effectively to the island with the rest of the world broadband Internet. With the advent of fiber optics of the two largest Internet operators, Madagascar has very high speed, offering to offshore companies quality services in terms of Internet connectivity, an important prerequisite for all companies whose activities are focused on the service.

To create an offshore company in Madagascar, dematerialized activities are the most interesting such as web design, website creation, software development, and mobile applications.

What to do to create an offshore company in Madagascar

Creating an offshore company in Madagascar is very easy now thanks to the Internet. Indeed, simply on the Internet, you can easily search for companies specialized in the creation of offshore companies in Madagascar. Simply type in your favorite search engine keywords: “Offshore company creation in Madagascar” to have a list of providers specialized in the creation of offshore companies.

Firms specializing in the creation of offshore companies are multidisciplinary, with lawyers and tax experts to ensure the creation of your company directly on site without having to move to Madagascar.